A guide on how to plan your W-day


If you’ve just said ‘YES’ to your fiancée and now have a gleaming diamond on your finger, you are now, officially able to make a start on creating the W-day of your dreams!

We understand that weddings are very poignant and exciting life events, but the planning process can be very stressful and overwhelming. With so many options and endless possibilities available, it is easy to become overwhelmed; knowing where to start is actually quite a challenge! However, with a little help from DMW, it doesn’t have to be! We have curated the perfect checklist to aid all brides-to-be – ‘How To Plan Your Wedding, From Start To Finish’.

1. Book your wedding venue …

Booking your wedding venue should be the first thing you do, as most venues have waiting lists of up to 2 years. Select a few venues and make sure you take some time out to view them, as pictures can be deceiving. Once you’ve found the venue of your dreams, discuss and set a date with the wedding co-ordinator. After this, you’re free to start planning!

2. Guest lists …

Decide who you’d like to invite and create a guest list… During this time, choose who you’d like to have as your Maid of Honour, bridesmaids, best man, Page-boys and flower girls

3. ‘Save The Date’

Send out, ‘Save The Date’ cards to give your guests plenty of notice. After all, you want everyone you’ve invited to be there; so give them notice and they’ll be there!

4. Wedding Invitations

A few months after you’ve sent out your beautiful ‘Save The Date’ cards, you will need to send out your formal wedding invitations. This will give your guests information about where the wedding will be held, the date of the wedding and what time the ceremony will take place. It’s also a nice little reminder that your big day is getting closer!

5. Dress shopping …

Now, for the very exciting part – lets go wedding dress shopping! You have a lot to think about here. What style dress do you want? For most brides-to-be, they wont know, which is perfectly fine and that’s the beauty of browsing and trying on. The last time you might’ve worn a full length gown was most likely at your high school prom, so fashion and body shapes would’ve changed a lot since that time. You also need to think about a colour theme and co-ordinate it with the groom and best man attire along with bridesmaids dresses.

6. Wedding cake …

Its time to scour all the amazing wedding cake companies and sit down with a cup of tea and eat CAKE! There are so many options available now – you aren’t stuck with a generic fruit cake.

7. Wedding gifts

There are lots of companies, such as John Lewis, Next, Debenhams, etc that allow you to create ‘wish lists’ – meaning you can add all your desired items and guests will purchase them for you. You can even create an account that allows guests to deposit money for your honeymoon, excursions, etc.

8.  Wedding gifts (not for you)

Yes, we know its your special day but buying small gifts to those that played an important role in your day is a really special gesture.

9. Communicating with your venue …

The wedding venue will ask questions on what theme you’d like for your wedding and will ask about table decorations, as they are a key element of a wedding in order to set a theme. Choose chair covers, bowers, flower displays, etc. You will also be able to choose what food you’d like to eat, as well as specific wine and champagne for the tables.

Typically, after the ceremony takes place, guests will arrive at the reception earlier than the newly married couple, so they will be greeted with champagne and canapés. (You can discuss what will be served).

10. Speeches …

Usually the best man makes a speech and the husband of the bride also makes a speech after the main meal. Make sure you’ve prepared, or at least have an idea of what you’ll say as all your guests will be there, listening to your every word. Once speeches are over, you can relax and dance the night away.

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