Interview with Lauren from Copper & Confetti

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Copper & Confetti – Custom Wedding Goods and Printables

Lauren is full-time handbag designer and recent newlywed living in New York.  After her wedding in September 2018, she really missed the planning part of it! “I love being creative, designing and all things wedding related, so opening an Etsy shop – Copper & Confetti seemed like the perfect thing for me to do”. She said.

When Lauren was searching for thank you cards for her own wedding, she had a hard time finding exactly what she wanted. “This became something I really wanted to focus on in my own printable portraits- offering lots of different customised options that a lot of other shops don’t have” she said. “I researched current trends for bridal beauty, dress styles, bridesmaid colours etc and made sure these were available to my customers”. Lauren thinks personalised items bring a really special touch to a wedding that the guests are sure to remember! To add even a more unique aspect to her art, all the florals you see in her pieces are hand painted.

Lauren also offers further customisation if needed and can work 1:1 with the client to ensure their vision for their wedding day is met.  All her pieces are digital, so they are emailed directly to the clients who can then either print at home or bring to their local print shop.

“As a recent bride myself, I know how stressful planning a wedding can be.  So, my wish is that my designs not only bring beauty into the events surrounding the special day, but also help to make your lives easier.” She says.


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Simon Pure – Jewellery Designer

Simon Pure Guildford

Finding the perfect Bridal jewellery is an exciting part of the build up to your big day & Simon Pure are here to help.

Choosing jewellery for your wedding might seem daunting but with guidance from the friendly staff you can relax knowing you’re in safe hands. Simon Pure can offer advice & consider your personal style, gown along with any other accessories you may have.

Many of our collections are available in different metals – perfect for all skin tones. Silver & gold tones are gorgeously classic, while rose gold offers a softer look that’s very feminine & flattering.

Passionate about beautiful jewellery we have been creating the most gorgeous designs at our Surrey workshop since 1986. You can visit either the Guildford Boutique or the workshop itself in Smithbrook Kilns, Cranleigh to be engulfed with beautiful jewellery containing precious stones, semi-precious stones & fresh water pearls set in our unique hand designed pieces.

Both stores & our website carry a range of beautifully crafted rings, bracelets, necklaces & earrings with an emphasis on simple, elegant style. The friendly team also welcome bespoke commissions, so if you have something in mind let Simon Pure help your design become reality.

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Top Tips for Avoiding a Wedding Cake Disaster in Summer


With all of the hot weather we’ve been having through Spring and Summer months in the past few years, there have been some horror stories around about melting wedding cakes. Cakes are made of some of the most simple ingredients, butter/sugar/eggs/flour, and are therefore quite vulnerable when it comes to extreme conditions, whether that be hot and humid or cold and dry! We have Lara at lovefromLila sharing her top tips for looking after your wedding cake on a hot Summer’s day…

• Think about the room where you’re planning to display your wedding cake. Is it outside or inside? Air-conditioned or a warm sunny spot? Marquees are an absolute no-go for cakes in hot weather. Where possible, you want to keep your cake in a cool spot, indoors where the temperature can at least be moderated, if not completely controlled. Ask your venue what they have done in the past for other couples.

• You should also speak to your cake maker to see if they have any suggestions about different designs or flavours that would survive better in the heat. There are some icings which can cope better in the heat, e.g. fondant icing, but if you have your heart set on a buttercream wedding cake, then an experienced cake maker will know how to do that well.

• However, even the best cake makers cannot avoid a small amount of bulging between the layers of a fondant cake in the heat of Summer. If you really want your wedding cake to look perfect, it might be worth asking your cake maker to create the display cake out of dummy cakes, and use cutting cakes in the back to actually feed your guests

• If your wedding cake is being made by a friend or family member that isn’t as experienced with wedding cakes, why not think about having more of a deconstructed cake like Meghan Markle? It avoids the complication of stacking cakes in hot weather and makes it easier to look after each tier e.g. getting them in and out of the fridge.

• When transporting a wedding cake in Summer, it’s even more important that you keep it cool as any bump or corner in the car could lead to the layers in-between sliding away from one another. For fondant cakes, you need to keep them somewhere cool before getting in the car and then make sure the air-conditioning keeps the car as cool as possible. Never refrigerate a fondant cake as it doesn’t need it, and will create more problems down the line. For buttercream cakes, I would recommend refrigerating the cake for at least 90 minutes before travelling, and then keeping the air-conditioning on in the car for the journey. As soon as you arrive at the venue, get the cake out of the car as without the air-conditioning on, the car quickly turns into a sauna.

• If you’re not planning to cut your wedding cake until later on in the evening (e.g. 9pm) then don’t put your cake on display until later on in the afternoon. The temperature tends to start dropping around 5pm, as does the sun, so keep your cake cool/refrigerated and bring it out once you’re happy that the weather is on your side!

• Most importantly, even if you’ve taken every other precaution on this list, make sure you have a backup plan. Ask a bridesmaid or family member to keep an eye on your wedding cake on the day, and if it looks as if it’s starting to sag or the icing is too wet (because it’s starting to melt), get it into the fridge or at the very least into a cool and shady spot or air-conditioned room.

Summer weather is not always the kindest to cakes, but with a little bit of extra thought, planning and care, your wedding cake will be absolutely fine, even on the hottest day. Keep up to date with the weather forecast and have a backup plan just in case. Good luck and happy planning!

Lara x