Britain’s most quirkiest wedding venues


If you’re after an alternative wedding, what better why to wow your guests than with an unusual wedding venue!

In this day and age, weddings are becoming increasingly relaxed and are steering away from tradition. I see many couples making the choice to get married in a venue other than church and with the increased popularity, many places have chosen to apply for a licence. I’m sure there will be plenty of venues in this post that you hadn’t possibly imagined would be a choice to host a wedding.

London Zoo


Can you imagine tying the knot at London Zoo?! Well now you literally can…
With a range of versatile and interesting spaces to choose from, let London Zoo plan an unforgettable day for you and your guests.



If you’re a big kid and want a fun-packed wedding day that you and all your guests will always remember as that ‘quirky’ wedding day, take a look at Dreamland in Margate. This venue has everything from rides, to roller disco rooms to a dreamland ark where you’ll meet rabbits, reptiles and much more. If this sounds like your kind of day, head on over.


London Eye

Love London? After a city wedding? Why not consider the spectacular, iconic London Eye! Imagine the beautiful photographs you’d capture whilst overlooking the city of London.


Spitbank Fort

If, like many, you feel calm at sea, why not take your first moments of married life just off the coast of Portsmouth at Spitbank Fort?
With glorious sea views during the day and sparkling starlit sky by night, this venue would offer some pretty spectacular and unusual shots for you to treasure a lifetime!


So that’s our pick of the venues that are sure to wow your guests with their unique style. Would you shortlist any of them? Let us know below

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