Bride-to-be, Laura shares her tips on wedding planning

Laura Reddington

I was never the type of girl who wanted to get married. I never dreamed of my wedding dress, or walking down the aisle or where I wanted to get married. But as soon as I started working in events on a Saturday job, I loved the buzz and the organisation that came with a celebration. And when my other half proposed 8 months ago, I fell into a love of talking all things wedding!

Baring in mind I didn’t know where I wanted to get married, picking a venue was a tough one. I knew I didn’t want a church ceremony, so the venue had to have an option to get married on site, preferably in a separate room. Accommodation would be nice, if not onsite then nearby. And beams, I wanted beams.

But I didn’t get the feeling of the “one”, like some brides to be get, and it did leave me feeling deflated. Was I just being too fussy? What was really wrong with it? Was I just nitpicking?

The first, decided there and then that they no longer do weekends; the second, too big; the third, too far away and the room offered for my capacity had too low a ceiling. But the biggest room of the third was stunning and I loved it, but again, too big (and expensive) for my numbers. Would I ever be happy? The fourth, too cold. The fifth, too big (again, too expensive). The sixth, too far away.

So I left venue viewing for a few weeks as I was beginning to doubt I’d find the “one”. But then came along number seven (cue Len Goodman from Strictly!). I found it on Bridebook, and initially had my reservations. The location, although convenient, isn’t exactly known for pretty. Would it be too expensive? Would it be too big for us?

But we arrived, and beams, check. Separate ceremony room, check. Local hotels? Check. Intimate and cosy? Check. Surely, it couldn’t be in budget?! …check! And so 6 months ago today, we booked our venue.

If you’ve been in a similar boat, don’t settle for what other people like, or is convenient for them, or stress that you’re being fussy and won’t find the one. Write down your must haves and like to haves beforehand. Check that they’re in budget before you go, and also have your date available!

Enjoy your wedding planning and don’t forget, it’s all about you two!

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