3 Unique Ways to Name your Wedding Tables other than using a Number

Table names are a really great way to add some of your unique personality into your wedding. Whilst using numbers is an easy route to naming your tables, why not pick some names that represents who you are as a couple. 

1. After places you’ve been together – We love this company No Ordinary Emperium, found on Etsy.

Image Credit: No Ordinary Emperium
Image Credit: No Ordinary Emperium

If you’re a couple that loves to travel, why not name your tables after places around the world that you’ve travelled to together. We love these postcards by No Ordinary Emporium. You can even explain a little bit about why this location is so special to you both and include some photographs of you both in that location.

2. After locations in the place you’re from, met or live – Found on Etsy, we love Weddinbuc for their modern, quirky designs

Image Credit: WeddinBuc

Why not name your tables after locations in the place that you’re both from, where you met or where you currently live for a fun way to make sure you’ve included your love story within your wedding.

3. Photos of you both at an age that correlates to the number – Found on Weddingsonline blog, we love this cute place holder.

Image Credit: WeddingsOnline

Ok so this is still a number, but we thought including photos of yourselves that correlated to the number of the table was an amazing idea and a sure way to get a few smiles on your guests faces.

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