Wedding Planning – do I need it?

A question we often get asked and one that we can’t answer for you – but we can provide you with things to consider that will help you to work this out.

It’s been a year since we, the Wedding Belles started our journey into the world of weddings together – what we offer now is different to a year ago – as with any new business we have learnt along the way.

Wedding planning – needs to be bespoke to you and your needs so we offer styling, coordination and planning – all three are different in so many ways so let’s break this down for you.

What we do know is that people …

  • Think wedding planners are only for big expensive weddings
  • Get frustrated when people don’t call them back – which happens a lot
  • Don’t know where to start even if they’re given a trusted supplier list and don’t always have the time or the energy to wade through
  • Want their wedding to be memorable but don’t always have the creativity or head space to think about it

Wedding Styling

Your opportunity to explore all things weddings whether it is help to pull together themes, colours and venues or just some ideas to get you started …

Jo Belle –  our creative genius and stylist and our baby belle, Saff (our ultimate wedding enthusiast) both sprinkle creativity into your styling session.  After a meeting with these Belles, even if you didn’t know what you wanted for your big day you soon will!

Wedding Coordination

Just want someone to take over in the last few weeks and ensure it all comes together on the day? 

The Belles will work with you to understand your wedding vision, whether you call us 6 weeks before or 1 week before the big day, we will ensure all of your instructions are captured and delivered – your job is to enjoy and take in your day!

Wedding Planning

For those of you that want to sit back and let us do the work for you.  We make it all happen, smoothly and effortlessly.

Our wedding planning includes:

  • Belles Styling Service
  • Logistics, timings and budgets
  • Site visits and menu tastings
  • Introduction to our partners includes coordinating appointments
  • Coordination leading up to and on the day
  • Check in with everyone on the morning to do a final run through
  • Provide full support and management on the day (morning until first dance)

Pros and Cons of Wedding Planners?


  • We sweat the small stuff for you – we’re all about the details and have done this all before!
  • We can help you make the most of your budget – allocate wisely and understand current costs (and short cuts that are worth taking)
  • We have great contacts – if you don’t know the area, we do, we network, we know what to look for … it’s usually one phone call rather than many and we can put you in touch easily
  • We spend the time and find you the information – you have the fun of deciding!
  • We will troubleshoot – any problems along the way – we find the solution, you don’t have to


  • Can you give up some of the control?
  • It is an additional cost – we are up front re our costs, the full planning service is a set price and not based on the size of your wedding.  If your budget is stretched then consider the day coordination …
  • If you have a venue with everything included – then you may not need us as venues have their own planners, but do check they will be there on the day … many do get caught out with this and worry on the day who owns their wedding vision

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