Guest Blogger & Bride-to-be, Laura shares her Wedding Dress story

So now you know where to start, and a venue and date has been picked, most brides start to think about another big purchase – the dress! 
Having spoken to various brides about their experience, it makes me so sad when ladies don’t feel comfortable enough to go when they want to and have to wait until they’ve lost some weight. I understand, you want to be confident on your big day and feel beautiful. But your other half already thinks you’re beautiful, so you shouldn’t beat yourself up over a number on a scale or on a dress tag! It also can add an unnecessary stress to organising your big day! Every body is beautiful. 
I’ve also found a surprising number of brides have an idea of what they want, and then end up with a dress completely different! One huge tip I can give is try on all the styles! You’ve never worn a dress like this before, so make sure you try them all. 
My experience of dress shopping was so much fun. After my registrar confirmed our date, I went to Monsoon to have a look and liked how laid-back the store was. No pressure, we could just try on as we pleased. I tried a lacy A line piece, a lacy high necked fitted piece and a lacy two piece. The two piece did nothing for my shape, but loved the other two! However I really wanted the boutique experience so went to a local boutique. 
The ladies at the shop were so lovely and I’d seen one on their Instagram that I wanted to try so I sought that one out, took it to the changing room and started to get undressed to get into it. By which point, the shop owners laughed and said pick some more! I was clearly too keen. So me and my family went and picked a few more. We had A line styles, some fitted and one ballgown as well to try. 
I started with my favourite, and absolutely loved it! It fit me like a glove, wasn’t what I thought I’d go for, but it was very me. I was so pleased, I thought I’d be so fussy! I tried on about 7 more after that, and they were nice, but not the first one. They either didn’t fit at all, so didn’t suit my figure as well, or just swallowed my small frame of 5’1. So I put back on the favourite again and my grandma set everyone off crying in the shop, including the owners!
Another tip I’d give is take some trusted friends or family with you, and maybe take around 3, as you don’t want too many opinions! I had my mum, sister, grandma and MOH with me. 
The ladies in the shop also informed us of a sale they had going on, where if you found a sixpence in the dress, it was a bargain £50!!! And low and behold, I had a sixpence in my dress! It did need alterations due to my height, and some of the buttons had fallen off the back, but for £50, you couldn’t really argue! 
If I’m honest, I had the absolute best experience and actually wish I could do all the dressing up again, but didn’t want to ruin my dress by trying on more. Maybe once I’m married and my sisters start going through the wedding planning, then I’ll have another go! 
Enjoy your wedding planning and don’t forget, it’s all about you two! 

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