Choosing your bridal squad

An important aspect in the lead up to your wedding and on the day itself, is to have your most trusted and closest people around you, to stand next to you both as you say “I do”. But how do you go about picking them?
The bridal party consists of the maid of honour (matron of honour if she is married) and the bridesmaids. The groom is accompanied by the best man and the groomsmen. Finally, any flower girls and page boys (including the ring bearer) along with parents of both the bride and groom are traditionally included in the wedding party.

I can’t find anywhere about who these people could be, or how many you “should” have. I guess at the end of the day, it’s all a personal choice! Some brides like the same amount of bridesmaids as to ushers for equal looking photos, others have bridesmen or only a maid of honour and some grooms have best women. As I say, it’s all a personal choice but you should think carefully about who you choose! 
The maid of honour and best man traditionally organise the hen and stag do’s, as well as attend dress and suit shopping. But most of all, they provide support to the bride and groom, as well as the best man writing that all important speech to embarrass the groom on the big day! So picking the people for these two roles is vital to ensure good organisation, minimal stress on the bride or groom, and those who can bring the party! 
My groom chose his best man to be his best friend from school, and decided against any other groomsmen. I had my best friend from work as my chief bridesmaid, and then my two sisters and the groom’s sister as my other bridesmaids. My nephew also got suited and booted and was our page boy. We asked the best man and chief bridesmaid to sign our marriage certificate, and they were also very much involved in the planning of the hen and stag. 
I’ve heard of other brides being pressured by family members to have sisters or cousins as bridesmaids, as well as pressure from friends to be put into the maid of honour role. Even though it’ll be tough, you’ve got to have who you want because they’re your bridesmaids! Also, buying dresses, accessories and paying for make-up and hair (if you decide to do that), all adds up the more bridesmaids you have!
Enjoy your wedding planning and don’t forget, it’s all about you two!

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