The History of Moira J Florist

Oh hi there! I’m Moira, owner and lead designer at Moira J Florist. You may be wondering what on earth makes a normal person (debatable) want to be a florist in the first place!

Truth is, I kinda fell in to it. Taking you back over 30 years, my hubby and I wanted to get married. At the time, we had very little money and a mortgage to pay on our first little flat so we were trying to save costs wherever we could. I decided, in my wisdom, to make my own wedding flowers. Terrible idea, never do that!! Well, the tatty silk flowers I made were not exactly to the standard of today’s creations but I found, while making them, that I really loved to do it. The florist shop I was buying all my materials from was just across the road from me and I got to know the owner and staff. I loved it so much, I asked the owner if they’d let me come and wash buckets, sweep up and make tea for free to get a bit of experience. Luckily, she decided to just employ me straight away 😀

So there I started, sweeping up, washing buckets, making tea and being a “junior” to the head florist there. My boss was kind enough to send me to North Tyneside college to study floristry, day release for 3 years and there I gained my qualifications while earning my stripes in a very busy florist shop environment.

Fast forward  lots of years and the shop I was working in was sold .  I decided to carry on doing what I loved and Moira J Florist was born! A huge learning curve as I’d always just concentrated on the design side, not the business side but it’s lovely to work for myself and I get to spend time getting to know all of my wedding couples, some of whom have become good friends.

So that’s a potted history of me , I’d love to get to know your story…

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