Is Wedding Stationery a Piece of Art?

For me the answer is a resounding yes; they all are! Foxglove Press treat the design for each suite of stationery as a bespoke piece of art.

I have been making prints from my drypoint etchings for a few years, since I gained a particular love for them whilst studying at Leeds College of Art.

This stationery suite was inspired by my client’s love for one of my original drypoints, a sprig of rosemary.

The print was created by carefully scratching into the surface of an acrylic plate to create an impression.  The plate is then inked before being placed on the printing press bed.  A thick sheet of beautiful, soft somerset paper is placed on top of the inked plate and then rolled through the press.  

The pressure from the press lifts the ink from the acrylic plate and onto the paper, resulting in the finished rosemary print.  You can see the imprint of the edges of the plate in the paper, creating a natural border.

During my initial free consultation with the happy couple, we discussed ideas for their custom stationery suite, including wax seal details for the envelopes and the layout and shape of the invitations. After creating some samples for the couple to consider, we developed the final designs and confirmed the information to be included in the invites.

The final stationery suite turned out beautifully; the couple were a treat to work for and I loved hearing of the inspiration they had taken from one of my original prints. To me it has created a new piece of art for them to treasure.

For more information on Foxglove Stationery, check out her listing with DMW.

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