Wedding Postponements

My heart truly goes out to all the brides who have unfortunately had to postpone, or even cancel, their big day as a result of the current COVID-19 pandemic. So this blog post is a tribute to them. I would like this post to bring you hope, and joy, and ideas of how you could celebrate your special day instead. 
I took to Instagram to ask my followers this question- “If you’re a 2020/were a 2020 bride, have you postponed? Out of the 74 who answered, 57% said yes. This could be for a number of reasons: their personal health, the health of their guests or the advice given by the government over the last 6 weeks. 
Given that it’s the anniversary of VE day this weekend, it got me thinking. Surely, the postponement of weddings must also have happened 75-80 years ago? The Wedding Secret have said that: World War II began in 1939, coinciding with a large increase in the number of marriages (some 77,926 more than the year before), which peaked in 1940 with 470,549 marriages taking place in England and Wales. The events of the blitz took place between 1940 and 1941, a likely cause for the sudden decline in marriages post 1940, along with the peak of the war until its end in 1945.
We see another spike in 1945 with VE Day and the general ending of the war – the likely culprit here.

So even though marriages peaked in 1940, they drastically dropped during the war (see the graph).

But men and women still loved each other and wanted to show their commitment to each other, it just unfortunately had to be postponed to a better time, in which families could get together safely and celebrate in style. We’ve also need to remember that we’re extremely lucky to have found the person we love and actually want to get married to, given that the number of weddings performed have nearly halved in the last 80 years! 

Again, I took to Instagram to ask my followers – what have you done/seen others do to celebrate your/their original wedding days/hen/stag dos etc. I’ve personally seen reenactments of their day from their homes, with bridal gowns adorned, make up and hair done in the morning, dressed up in the afternoon, reenacted their vows to each other, cut cakes and celebrated in the evening with a lovely meal, drinks and dancing. I’ve even seen the beach bought to one couples’ garden in the UK as they were meant to be getting married in Bora Bora! Others have had Zoom chat’s with friends and family, made cakes, had takeaways, decorated their home with lights, dancing, hot tub parties, dressed up, movie nights, Zoom hen parties with games and drinks and Zoom movie nights.
I think in these times, we’ve just got to appreciate the little things and the fact that we’ve got each other. Instagram has the best community of brides, and talking about worries and getting ideas is wonderful, plus the support you can get is unbelievable. Please keep safe and your wedding will go ahead, whether this year or next! 
Enjoy your wedding planning with DMW and don’t forget, it’s all about you two!

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