How to choose your Bridal Makeup

So you’ve booked your dream venue, twirled around in the dress that makes you feel like a real-life princess and munched your way through enough cake flavours that your head is spinning with sugar and icing at this point. As you tick your way though your wedding checklist, makeup might not seem like one of the big-hitters and all too often it’s overlooked by brides as a last minute task, rather than a key component.

You might have booked the best photographer money can buy, but don’t forget that you will be the main focus in those photos you’ll be looking back on in decades to come. All the details that go into a wedding truly bring your vision to life on the day, and let’s be honest, most people will be looking at you more than anything else! So, as the bride, aka the centre of attention, a flawlessly made up face is just what you need to bring your lovingly planned look together. Imagine a polished pair of dress shoes with some shabby, frayed laces; it’s just not right!

So, now I’ve convinced you that you need some beautiful bridal makeup, how on Earth do you choose the look that’s right for you?! One of my top tips for the perfect bridal makeup is: don’t go off book. If you’ve never worn a bright pink lip in your life, now is not the time to try it. Of course you will want something that is more special than your day-to-day (think supermarket-dash) look, but most importantly, you should still look like yourself. A more ethereal or glammed version of yourself, perhaps, but still you!

When I do my makeup, most days I wear winged liner, so I knew immediately I had to incorporate a wing into my wedding day makeup. If I hadn’t, I just wouldn’t have felt like myself. Try to pinpoint what your ‘trademark’ look might be and use that as the foundation on which to build your look. It could be a glossy lip, an extra fluffy brow or a peach-toned blush. Now that we have that covered, we can start to build the rest of your look around it in a complementary and cohesive way, and this is where the makeup consultation and trial comes in.

I would say that a Bridal Makeup Trial is a necessity. This is your chance to tell me all about your skin, what your main concerns are and what you envision looking like on your Big Day. Ideally, this would take place 2-6 months before the wedding, once you have your dress, jewellery and colour scheme picked out, so makeupbysabinam can create something that ties in with all those elements you’ve worked so hard to piece together.

Now some of you make be thinking, “But I don’t usually wear makeup!” Not to worry. I believe that bridal makeup shouldn’t be a mask, covering up all those lovely, natural features. It’s all about enhancing your features, evening out your base and bringing out that bridal glow!

If you’re ready to chat all things makeup, please get in touch by emailing me, Sabinam at I would love to take care of you on your Big Day!

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