Photo Booths – Essential Wedding Entertainment

Pikabooth photo booth hire are here to tell you why they think a photo booth is such an essential part of a wedding reception.

In an era of selfies, Instagram and Facebook, we are constantly taking silly photos of ourselves and our friends when we’re partying; especially at weddings. But don’t settle for camera phone quality photos during your wedding reception. A photo booth is a great way to bring your guests together in the evening and gives you the chance to build a beautiful collection of silly and happy moments that you can treasure for years to come.

Photo booths have moved on a lot from the kiosk style booths that would only allow 2 or 3 guests in at one time. Our photo booths awesome open plan layout allows a lot more guests to have their photo taken at the same time. Not only this but the technology inside photo booths have also moved on a lot in recent years. Our booth includes a studio flash, Canon 6D mkii camera and an 35mm F1.4 Sigma lens.  These little tech beauties allow us to capture flawless and extremely high-quality images that won’t disappoint!

Things you should consider before booking a photo booth for your wedding –

  1. Are they a reputable company?

One of the quickest ways to find out about a company is via social media. Check for profiles including Instagram, Facebook and Twitter and pay close attention to reviews, feedback, followers and comments.  Another key thing to check is the company’s Google reviews.

  • What is included in my booking?

When booking a photo booth you need to make sure that you are getting good quality and value for money. Companies who throw in lots of added extra’s for a very cheap price may not always be providing the best service. Really do your research and consider what it is that you are wanting to gain from having a photo booth at your wedding reception – whether it’s unique and fun props in the photos, a friendly booth host to keep your guests entertained or high quality keepsake prints (or all of the above!).

  • After service

A quality photo booth company will not only look after your guests during your wedding reception but they should also provide an excellent after service. This includes sending you digital copies of all of the photo’s taken during your wedding reception as well as a link to your own gallery to view online, either on social media or a website.

Bring your guests together and hire a photo booth for your wedding reception. Or even better, hire Pikabooth photo booth hires’ one of a kind, vintage and charming photo booth. It is sure to ‘wow’ your guests and will look beautiful in any venue!

After all, you are more likely to regret the photo’s that you didn’t get the chance to capture over the ones that you did.

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