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Hello Lovelies!

I’m Ashley Kay – a freelance hair and makeup artist based in Cambridgeshire & Norfolk – providing local, national and destination bridal services!

I was born in Texas and raised in California – resulting in a hybrid accent you’ll pick up on when we speak! However,  I’ve been living in the UK since 2002 and transitioned from working in TV in London to becoming a full-time hair & Makeup specialist in 2008!

My love of hair and makeup stems from my passion for psychology, art, design  (including interiors) and fashion! I work as a team with my bride to create the ultimate piece of hair & Makeup artwork.


The moment my brides get in touch is the moment we start to build our relationship. Whether my client is an avid makeup lover or completely unsure of what she wants, I am there to help create that final, perfect look. My job is to design a style that represents my bride’s personality and makes her feel the most awesome version of herself on her big day! Each wedding is different and no bride is the same and so every look is completely tailored to my client’s own wants and needs while also ensuring each look lasts the day and all night ( even after sweating it out on the dance floor!)


I always recommend my client’s  have their trial a minimum of six months before their big day, where possible. This allows us to meet, discuss and trial out different hairstyles and makeup looks but also give us time to come up with a game plan for skin and hair care- leading up to their big day. I offer separate skincare packages to my brides which include Derma planing and Micro needling which get their skin ready for their wedding day.

The trial is also a wonderful time for us to get to know each other, relax and have a little giggle as well! Getting to know my bride is so important because I will be that friend,  who is there from the moment the wedding morning starts – that not only helps prep everyone ready to walk down the aisle but is there for support, cuddles, chats and even putting on garters or buttoning up dresses!

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After the trial – I continue to keep in touch with my brides for catch ups and advice leading up to their big day  and am never more than an email or phone call away. I’m always happy to catch up with other suppliers to sync up our schedules to suit everyone! I love a bit of teamwork!


My job is to ensure my prep timings allow my bride to enjoy every aspect of the morning- including gifts, photos, bouquet arrivals,  drinks and even a little quiet time if they need it!  This is a special  morning in my bride’s life that she will never forget and I want it filled with warm, calm, funny moments and for her to be able to enjoy every second of it, without worry of timings.

Photo: Little Miss Boyco

My official title may be hair & makeup artist, but my role encompasses so much more! Whether your wedding is local or in another country,  having someone at hand who knows how the mornings run –  how to ensure it goes smoothly and can guide the bridal party on when to start prep, finish prep, get their dresses on etc – can take so much pressure off the bride! I’m also good at supplying some awesome 80’s tunes if required… to get everyone singing!

When your wedding is done, it’s not goodbye from me!  We build such a wonderful relationship during the lead up to your big day, that a friendship continues to grow! This is just one of many things that  is so amazing about my job!

Photo: Little Miss Boyco

You can stay up to date with my current work and lots of fun videos, tutorials and even a glimpse of some interior design by following me on my instagram @ashley_kay_beauty

If you’re ready to start your hair and makeup journey -get in touch and arrange your 15 minute FREE video consultation – to talk about your bridal party needs and skincare packages with me- Ashley Kay Beauty

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