Joey Confetti Pony

Joey is our super cute Shetland confetti pony!  He brings confetti for
guests in his baskets and is a great addition to help make your special
day even more memorable.

Joey at Home
At home Joey is a companion pony to some of the big, posh competition
horses. He keeps them company if other horses are going off to shows or
being ridden so they don’t worry about being alone. Who wouldn’t feel
safe with Joey there as protection?!

Joey is very sociable and loves attention! He’s happiest with lots of
people fussing over him! Who could resist him when he gives a flick of
his flaxen mane, wriggles his velvety nose and twitches his tiny furry
ears?! He’s cute, and gorgeous, and probably knows it!

We thought we’d share a bit of Joey love at weddings as a confetti pony.
His bookings are a mix of people booking him as a surprise for the
couple’s big day, horsey brides/grooms, people with children who love
horses, or couples who want a special difference at their rustic country
chic wedding.

How it works
Joey arrives before the ceremony to welcome your guests so they can
collect confetti as they enter the venue.

Joey is then there after your ceremony (and the all important confetti
shot!) to provide unique photo opportunities for you and your guests.

Joey can also attend the reception to deliver favours, carry (small!)
thank you gifts to the wedding party and even help serve the drinks!  We
work with you to create the bespoke service you require.

All Joey’s confetti is 100% natural petals which, along with his fresh
flowers, can coordinate to your wedding colour theme. 
If your venue does not allow confetti we can provide alternatives – Joey
is happy to be a bubbles/ribbons pony too!

Joey is based in Ely, Cambridgeshire and travels within a 50 mile

If you have room for one more little guest at your wedding, please get
in touch with Susie (Joey’s human)

You can follow Joey’s adventures (mainly snoozing, snacking and posing!)
@Joey_confettipony (Instagram)
@joeyconfettipony (Facebook)

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