Q&A with Florist, Dean

Today, we are delighted to chat with the lovely Dean, from The Terrace London who reveals what made him change his career in insurance to turning his hand to floristry. We learn all about his background and reasons why hes so passionate about working with beautiful flowers.

What inspired you to become a florist?
I grew up being in the garden with my parents or my grandfather, and have always loved and admired nature. I had always enjoyed arranging flowers but never thought of it as a profession. I had worked in insurance for many years and then one day I realised I needed to change. I decided to follow a dream and take that leap of faith and have never looked back.

How long have you been in this profession?
It’s been over 14 years now.

What would be your favourite flower for a spring/summer wedding?
I love stocks. They have have an incredible scent.

Tell us about your bespoke wedding product ranges
When working with a couple, I offer to take the bride alone or both to the flower market, so we can see colour palettes and textures. This is also to see which flowers inspire and excite and to agree the bespoke decor for the wedding. I can decorate the venue with a flower wall or a striking floral table plan, and fill the tables with colour and scent as discussed and dependent on budget.

Have you done any destination weddings?
I have been lucky enough to have previously worked on weddings in Rome, France and Edinburgh. Parties in Marrakesh and the Caribbean and had amazing experiences.

Tell us about your most memorable customer?
I had previously been working for a Mayfair florist in London for many years, before launching my own business. Over that time I have been lucky enough to work on Incredible parties including Royal weddings and events, and I have met or seen many members of the Royal family. 

In your opinion what flower gives off the most fragrant scent?
There are so many different flowers that do, and also depending on the season but there are incredible perfumes in some roses. They can remind me of a traditional English county garden, with that distinctive texture and scent.

What flower would you avoid as part of a wedding bouquet?
In this industry you get to learn quickly which flowers would not particularly last out of water. In a bridal bouquet I would avoid some seasonal flowers, for me personally anything that feels very delicate and soft to touch. 

What’s your must have flower in a wedding bouquet?
For me it’s roses. There are so many beautiful roses that have an incredible rich colour and scent, and give a real luxurious feel to a wedding.

Thank you for taking the time to speak with us today! Brides, if you are planning your big day and are looking for a trusted florist, get in touch with Dean.

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