Q&A with Bride-To-Be, Sophie

  1. Where did you meet your partner?
    We met (for the second time, as we had briefly met before a few years previously) at the Duke of Somerset’s estate at a weekend house party. We were up talking until 2am the first night, sipping G&T’s and discussing everything from life goals to our favourite novels. The next night was the same, talking, laughing and enjoying one too many g&t’s!
  2. How long had you been together before you became engaged?
    We were together a little over three years, living together for two of them in Switzerland.
  3. Can you remember an exact point when you looked at your partner and thought, “he’s the one!”
    There wasn’t one exact moment for me, I could just tell I was with the person I was meant to grow and be with long term.
  4. Where and how did the proposal take place? Was it expected or a complete shock?
    It was semi expected. We had picked the ring out together in the summer during a weekend break to Lyon, though when we had booked to go to Lyon neither of us had even thought of looking for a ring, it just happened that there was a beautiful jewellers on the street of our hotel and inside was the ring! We then went back to Lyon in October and stayed in a beautiful suit at the Intercontinental, I knew the proposal was coming that weekend but he still managed to surprise me with how he proposed!
  5. What does marriage mean to you?
    It means choosing to fall in love over and over with the person you’re committed too because you know that when all the wild passion and flowers fades you’re entwined at the roots, together.
  6. Did you both have the opportunity to meet each others families before the engagement?
    Yes, though it’s a little difficult as his are Polish and don’t speak much English (except his sister and brother) and mine are a mix of English and French.
  7. Have you always had a set idea of how you’d like your wedding day or are you open to ideas?
    Absolutely not, the only thing I know is that I want to be outside in the ah sunshine.
  8. Are you planning a small, intimate ceremony or a large wedding?
    We’ll probably end up hosting two celebrations, a larger Catholic wedding with the combined families in a few years time, and a small intimate (40 people or so) civil ceremony a lot sooner.
  9. Have you enjoyed wedding planning so far? What’s been the most enjoyable part? What’s been the most stressful part?
    The thought of wedding planning gives me anxiety, now that we’ve decided to split the event into more manageable chunks I’m looking forward to planning.
  10. What are your future plans together?
    We shall see 😉

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