Advice for those who don’t like having their photo taken

by Ayshea Goldberg Photography

I get told by a lot of people – wedding couples in particular – that they don’t feel comfortable in front of a camera, and aren’t looking forward to having to pose for loads of photos on their wedding day.  It’s normal and something that I spend time reassuring my couples about, to help them relax and enjoy everything about their wedding day.  Today’s blog is my advice for those who don’t like their photo taken.

Think about the style of photography that you like and would suit you.

There are many different styles of photography – documentary, storytelling, natural, fine art, editorial.  Look at different photographers and how they photograph weddings.  What appeals to you most?  If you don’t like too many posed images, look at more relaxed styles that capture the day and the moments.  If you’d like a few portraits but want them quite fun look for this on a website or portfolio.

Meet with your photographer beforehand

Once you’ve found the style that suits you and will make you feel the most relaxed and happy, arrange to meet the photographer.  I encourage clients to come and visit me in my gallery over tea and biscuits so that we can get to know each other (it starts making you feel comfortable already).  We’ll chat about your plans and I’ll show you samples of my work so you can decide what you want.  Tell me about any concerns you have, and I can tell you how I work so that you know what to expect.  Often nerves are about not knowing the photographer and not feeling comfortable posing in front of a stranger.  I work hard with my clients to put you at ease before I even pick up a camera!

Have an engagement photo session

I offer engagement photo sessions to all my wedding couples.  It’s another opportunity for us to spend time together, and I get to find out more about you and what makes you feel comfortable.  I can see how you like to stand, whether you smile with your mouth open or closed etc.  I also find out what you might like to avoid doing on your wedding day.  I’ll bring all of these tiny details into your wedding day photography so that you’ll feel relaxed and will look back at your wedding images and love them.

Make a plan with your photographer beforehand

Often peoples nerves are based on not knowing what’s going to happen.  Part of my service is to meet with my clients about a month before your wedding day and to go through how your day will flow, along with all the photos you’d like me to take.  I’ll know what I need to do at each stage of your day, and you’ll feel reassured that everything’s taken care of.

On your wedding day you’ll know that everything has been taken care of and you’ll be so wrapped up in enjoying yourself, you’ll probably even forget about being nervous in front of my camera.  Your smiles will be real and your photographs will be amazing!

Book your meeting with me to find out how I can make your photography nerves disappear!

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