Floral Installations by Augusta Hope

We simply adore a statement creation full of flowers and foliage; an arch, hanging feature or maybe a ceiling. We truly believe that large creations have far more impact, together with the wow factor than smaller arrangements. 

Many people believe that large installations are costly but that doesn’t always have to be the case. With the clever use of large headed flowers like hydrangeas and peonies, plants and branches we can create a stunning installation which can also be repurposed after your wedding thus offering sustainability.  It is a misconception that bigger is always going to cost more.  Small arrangements are often intricate and take time and more materials than one would expect.

Floral installations can be a wonderful way of dividing space or breaking up a blank canvas, of course most venues are beautiful but often they can seem rather vast, a floral installation can help offer separation to areas by giving guests a feature to focus on or it may help draw the eye away from an area which offers less detail.

Visuals are not the only thing to think about when considering a floral installation; make sure to ask your florist about scented blooms for example garden roses and peonies offer wonderful scent.  Adding a selection of delicately scented potted herbs is also another great idea and again these can be repurposed after the event. Why not create a herb garden in memory of your special day!

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