This Weeks Honeymoon Hotspot is Mauritius

This week, we are telling you why Mauritius is the perfect Honeymoon Hotspot for you and your partner.

Despite the long 17 hour journey from the UK – Mauritius, with a fuel stop, we want to tell you why relaxing on this stunning island in the Indian Ocean is a Honeymoon MUST!

The best time to visit the tropical island is between May – December for bright, sunny weather. The rest of the year is warm and has a tropical climate, so if your honeymoon dates don’t fall within these months, there’s no need to worry, as you’ll still be guaranteed warm temperatures.

If you weren’t already aware, with sea levels rising, Mauritius is an island that won’t be around forever, so if this is a destination on your bucket list, like it is for many, book your Honeymoon on an island in the world that may not be here in 20 years time!

Read on to ensure you are ticking off everything you have on your honeymoon checklist and make sure this is the right destination to suit you and your partner’s Honeymoon dreams.

1. Are you wanting to Relax, Sight-See, or take part in Adventurous Activities?
In Mauritius, you can do all three! You can definitely relax by the beautifully calm Indian Ocean or by an infinity pool. Most Luxe hotels offer Spa facilities, so you can book a few treatments at your leisure.

If you’re wanting to sight-see, Mauritius has many tourist attractions such as The Seven Coloured Earth – which are 7 destinct colours of sand that have formed together making a surreal-looking sand dune!
There are also local fruit markets, beautiful beaches to explore, National Parks, Museums, Aquariums, viewpoints and much more.

In terms of adventure seeking, there are plenty of opportunities to be had in Mauritius, from taking a boat out to rural locations and finding some of the best coral reefs in the world and discovering beautiful tropical fish to an abundance of water-sport activities available to book.

What kind of accommodation do you have in mind?
When thinking about your Honeymoon, you need to ensure you do your research and pick a hotel that you and your partner are happy with. Questions to think about:

Is it far from the airport?
After a long flight, you won’t want a long taxi ride.

Do they have a honeymoon suite? Will my room have that special, extra touch?
Some couples will want a ‘special’ room – suitable for Honeymooners so if this is something you want – ask the question!

Is the hotel an ADULT ONLY hotel or child-friendly?
For a honeymoon, this should be something you carefully check as I’m sure you would want to enjoy your holiday in a child-free zone!

Do they offer spa facilities?
I’m sure a few couple massages wouldn’t go a miss!

Do they cater to dietary requirements?
Always a good one to check as you wouldn’t want to fall in on your honeymoon.

Do language barriers bother you?
In Mauritius, the spoken language is French, however most/ all Mauritians speak English so you don’t need to worry about language barriers, as you will be understood on this island.

So, there you have it – I hope this article has made you consider visiting the very special island on your Honeymoon. Just remember to do your research on hotels and make sure to choose an intimate, luxe hotel for a romantic and unforgettable trip!

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