Rob & Charlotte’s Beautiful Country Wedding

What a wonderful day!

Back in June 2016, my best friend Rob married his wife, Charlotte after setting eyes on her for the first time in 2012 when she was working in Starbucks. After many blissful years together, Rob decided to propose to his lover on Christmas Eve. Holding a giant teddy bear in-front of his face, with the diamond engagement ring, on a chain, wrapped around the teddys neck, Rob didn’t have to say much; it was clear what his intentions were.

Of course, Christmas was celebrated in style that year as Charlotte, of
course, said ‘yes’ to the engagement proposal, and so the wedding planning

When planning for their big day, they worked with a budget. They had delicious wedding cupcakes made up from a very well- regarded cupcake shop called, Cloud9 located in the famous Brighton Lanes. This is a fantastic place to order your cakes from as they offer a variety of great flavours and tasting sessions to ensure you’re happy with the cake before bulk purchase.

“I love this picture as it shows that raw love from them both on the happiest day of their lives.”

When it came to arranging the wedding venue, the couple chose an old country hotel, located in the rural, picturesque hillside of Tottington.

Tottington Manor is a great choice for a spring/ summer time wedding as guests can enjoy the outdoor garden and seating areas, as well as take advantage of the scenic hillside backdrop for many photograph opportunities. On this particular day, the weather was spectacular
and the boys made sure they were getting some candid pics.

Take a look at this one – a natural shot of the groom and groomsmen; mid-laughter!

Tottington Manor is a hotel, restaurant, bar and licenced wedding venue. If
you’re currently engaged and looking for a venue in the leafy countryside then
Tottington Manor would be one to visit.

“Charlottes favourite colour is purple, so it was no surprise that she went for a deep purple colour theme”.

On the day of their wedding, Rob travelled from Haywards Heath (their home town) to Tottington Manor in a brand new Mercedes, whilst Charlotte travelled in a traditional car to the venue where she went from being a miss to a Mrs Hopkins.

This was such a beautiful, intimate, special day in which I will cherish in
my heart forever. If you’re an engaged couple, looking for a stunning venue on a budget, look no further than Tottington Manor.

Happy Wedding Planning!

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