Put a ring on it!

The purpose of a wine charm is obvious isn’t it – it’s to make sure no one runs off with your drink! While this is clearly a very important function – what if we were to look at using wine charms differently? What if they themselves are the talking point, a way to tell a story – your story?

Imagine at your wedding that every word on the charms relates to you, the happy couple. Funny connections, random words and moments shared telling your story so far – an ice breaker, a talking point and a wedding favour.

The first date venue, her favourite food, his annoying quirks, in jokes, places travelled, hopes and dreams, songs, films, food and drinks. The list is endless and unique to you – because this is your story. Guests will engage as they try and find the connection behind the words  – like a game of Mr & Mrs but for the guests!

The ‘talking points charms are not for everyone and of course you can simply personalise them with the names of your guests. Not only can they be taken home as a keepsake of the day but now they also double up as place settings.

Each wine charm can be attached to a card with a personalised message from you, the bride and groom, and are an elegant and fun addition to any wedding table.

So if you are planning a wedding, why not do things a bit differently and put a ring on it?

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