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Hello i’m Kal, owner and founder of Quint London Wedding Stationery. As you can imagine I love doing what I do, meeting couples, building a relationship and designing their dream wedding invitations suite. Another part of the service I offer includes going above and beyond in helping them through emotionally taxing times. This global pandemic has not only changed our ‘normal’ way of living, it has upset many of our future plans.

So what do you need to do when it comes to postponing or cancelling your wedding and how to tell your guests. How to manage your wedding while we are in a global pandemic!

How do you communicate your wedding postponement to your guests? There are several ways to communicate your wedding plans, it just depends on time, money and of course what you are comfortable doing. You have already sent out your beautiful wedding invitations and then comes this global pandemic that you simply cannot control.

Your wedding can’t go ahead due to the lock-down so you need to let all the guests know what is going on, but how?
The etiquette here is to send out cards in the post telling your guests your wedding has been postponed including the new date and time. The reason for this is because a wedding is a formal event and you will be sending out an official announcement. However, many couples may choose to communicate via email, group messages or a phone call and this also fine.
If your new date is yet to be set, then why not get your bridal party involved with informing all your guests about a new date to be released. Don’t forget to update your wedding website if you have one.

What is the etiquette to follow if you have cancelled your wedding?
This one is simple, you should send out a formal note to let your guests know that you have/are going to cancel your wedding due to these uncertain times and for the sake of everyones safety, you have had to make this decision. Due to government guidelines, you are only allowed a small number of people to attend your wedding.

If your wedding is going ahead, how do you uninvited guest?
We need to remember that everyone is going through this emotionally taxing time and will understand the reasons for you having to make these difficult decisions. Your message can read along the lines of … ‘As you are aware of these troubling times we are all going through and following
government guidelines, some very difficult decisions have had to be made. The wedding is still going ahead and we will be having immediate family there only. However, once we can all return back to our ‘normal lives, we would love to throw a party so we can all raise a glass and celebrate together.

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