Charlie & Stuart’s Wedding Day

Today, we are speaking to Virgin Atlantic Cabin Crew, Charlie and Stuart who are sharing their love story with us. From the beautiful proposal, wedding day and honeymoon in the Great British Countryside.
If you’re an engaged couple after a romantic, modern wedding day twist, have a read and be inspired!

The Proposal
14th August 2016, After 6 years together I proposed to Stuart by putting together a video with our  most memorable moments from over the years taking him by complete surprise. At the end I was on the screen holding a sign “Will you marry me?” As I got down on one knee. He said yes and we went into the early hours celebrating with friends. 

The Vision
We had many different visions to begin with. We are both international cabin crew and travel the world every week and initially thought of some amazing destinations to get married abroad. However we wanted our wedding to include all of our friends and family so decided to get married at home so we could share our special day with as many people as possible. 

We really struggled with this as we are so fortunate to have so many amazing friends and would have loved them all to be bridesmaids. We are both really close with our sisters so that was an easy decision and we added a couple of our closest friends from growing up. We asked a few of our other closest friends to do a reading during the service. 

Planning Process
We were really fortunate to share a very similar vision with the majority of our ideas for our big day. We both made sure that our wedding had to be fun and enjoyable, creating a day everyone would remember. There was never any stress or tension in any of it. We wanted a simplistic and classy event. As we are both Scottish we loved the tradition of wearing kilts so went with a modern twist by wearing black kilts. We wanted our wedding party to feel as comfortable as possible on the day so we included them and let them lead the way in choosing a bridesmaid dress they loved, While keeping with our wishes of avoiding a traditional bridesmaid dress. 

We both felt strongly that our wedding party felt really comfortable on the day. We have both been to so many weddings where you can see the bridesmaids are uncomfortable in their dresses or with their hair, make up etc being so far from what they would normally have. We had amazing hair stylists and Bobbi Brown make up artists on the day and let the girls decide their own hair and makeup style to show their individuality and knew this would come across amazing in our photos.

The Venue
We both imagined getting married in a big marquee where we could spend our full day and night without having to go between 2 venues. After a little research we viewed the marquee at The Alona Hotel in Strathclyde Country Park. This ticked all of the boxes as a stunning venue and also the location would be amazing for our photos. 

The Readings / Music
As we wanted so many of our friends to be bridesmaids we decided to ask a few to take part in a reading during the service. We loved the lyrics of Celine Dion – If that’s what it takes. These words were really fitting to express our love and support for each other. We had an amazing celebrant who shared our love story and carried out the most perfect service. 
We started off with a traditional bag piper to welcome our guests and then moved on to a more modern style once in the venue. We had a selection of upbeat love songs playing as the guests were waiting on the wedding to begin. We walked down the aisle to an amazing cover of Stand by me by Florence and the machine. This version is so powerful while having amazing lyrics so was a perfect fit for us. We absolutely love music and decided to surprise our guests with the number one Dolly Parton impersonator at 9pm. Our guests absolutely loved this and everyone was on the dance floor with us the full night. 

This was really easy for us as we each have two amazing best friends who have been by our sides throughout our entire relationship, Robbie and Paul. 

We were fortunate enough to know an amazing photographer Tara Panchaud through work who flew up to Scotland to capture our special moments. Tara was perfect for us by making everyone feel so comfortable and at ease which really kept with our wishes that our wedding will be an enjoyable and a happy stress free event for everyone. 

As we spend so much time out of the country with our jobs we decided it would be amazing to stay at home and explore our own beautiful country and it really was the most amazing experience. We travelled the west coast and then crossed over to the Isle of Lewis / Isle of Harris which was breathraking and would highly recommend to anyone. 

The Details / Decor / Flowers / Cake 
We kept to a simplistic classy theme throughout our day. We had a stunning 4 tier wedding cake from  Special Days and each tier was a different flavour to ensure there was a cake everyone would love. With flowers we had a simple white theme to complement our black kilts and bridesmaid dresses. With such a stunning venue we didn’t have to add much to the decor. We had stunning candleabras throughout as centrepieces. 

Memorable Moments
To us seeing all of our closest friends and family together having an amazing time with us is the most memorable moment. These moments are so precious as we lost a close friend just before our special day and Charlie’s brother passed a few months later. The photos captured on this day and the memories will last a lifetime. 

Thank you so much for sharing your beautiful love story with us. It was wonderful to read such a modern twist on a traditional wedding and I love the freedom of style you gave your bridesmaids, as this adds to the stress-free build up and ensures your girls are comfortable with their looks and are totally themselves on your day.

We wish you so much love and happiness together

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  1. Maureen June 26, 2020 at 6:30 pm

    That was lovely to read Stuart & Charlie
    And was there to see you both walking g down the Isle
    You were definitely meant for each other .
    Lots of love to both of you xx💞💞

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