Have a read of our Q&A with Chris from Classic Wedding Cars Cheshire.

Today, we are speaking to Chris, owner of Classic Weddings Car Cheshire. He explains whats involved in booking with him and hiring a classic car on your special day. His company has been running for many years and his Red Triumph Convertible was used on set of Coronation Street for Daniel and Shineades Wedding – how cool is that! Wthout further ado, lets get going…

  1. So…what inspired you to start up a classic wedding car business?

Change of personal circumstances. Although with a previous blue MK2 Jaguar I owned, I had done some weddings on a part-time basis mainly for family and friends. The first one was back in 1995 so I’ve seen plenty of changes in the wedding industry, especially with the rise of the all in one wedding venue that did not exist back then, it was either a church or town hall. and they always had a wedding car. When I needed to set up a full time business 7 years ago having had a lot of experience on a part time basis with the blue Jaguar, it seemed the obvious choice to find a white MK2 to take over the role. A wedding day is such a lovely day to have a role in, no matter what is happening in the world everyone has a smile on their face on a wedding day – it’s great!

2. How long has Classic Wedding Cars Cheshire been up and running?
In its current form, 6 years.

3. Do you have a team that work with you or is it a one man band?
It’s only myself, I do not employ any drivers although I have numerous long standing colleagues I use if a second wedding car is needed.

4. How many cars do you have within the business?
I have two cars – the MK2 Jaguar which is our principle classic wedding car and the Triumph Vitesse. Only 1 car is ever booked out on any wedding day.

5. When a couple book a car with you, what are the next steps?
They are sent a booking contract to check over then sign and return with the booking fee [deposit] via bank transfer, its all done electronically on line.

6. Can you decorate the Wedding Car to suit the colour theme of the Bride & Grooms wedding?

7. Whats been your most memorable wedding you’ve done and why?
It would have to be the Coronation Street  soap opera wedding with the triumph vitesse!

8. Whats your favourite car?
I don’t have a particular favorite, i’d say anything old and classic 

9. Whats been the most popular choice of car?
Definitely the MK2. It is very popular!

10. Can cars be transported Nationwide for a wedding or do you only accept local business
No, I do not use a transporter but do travel a reasonable distance, the practicality of the route is the main consideration not so much the distance in miles but there is a limit as to how far I will go.

Thank you for taking the time to speak with us today.

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