5 Unconventional Tips to Hiring your Wedding Photographer

Hiring a wedding photographer can be treated in a methodical way with excel formulas with price to performance ratios or, it could be done in an intangible, emotion driven way. Here are 5 unconventional tips to hiring the ideal wedding photographer for you.

  1. Have a clear mind of what you value the most
    Having a clear mind in what you value for your wedding photography is important. Whilst you can take inspiration from generic lists of things to ask your wedding photographer, I would suggest you just think for yourself first without being influenced. Put simply, start with the style. Do you prefer artistic fine art shots only or do you prefer a photo-journalistic approach? I personally combine both as I feel it’s the perfect blend of art and lasting memories. Next, move onto your priorities in terms of what you actually get. Are you requiring a complete collection which has everything from getting ready to late night dance floor coverage, also including albums, USB’s, slideshows? Or will you be only needing a reduced hours collection with just the digital images. When you get a sense of what you actually need, you typically tend to narrow down the photographers that suit you as they will have the collections ideal for your needs.
  2. Avoid Pinterest Overload
    I love Pinterest, there’s no doubt about its usefulness when it comes to planning a wedding. However, there is sometimes a false view of how weddings actually look in real life. Remember, most of the pins you will find are the best bits, the creme de la creme of a wedding photographer’s portfolio. If you’re looking for a wedding photographer that can capture the real, genuine moments of you and your wedding party, then definitely have a look at blog post of a full day. This will give you a sense of their abilities in documenting the real essence of your wedding day and avoid any sense of disappointment should your portraits not looking like its straight from wedding catalogue.
  3. Sense the tone
    I think this is so overlooked when it comes to choosing your wedding photographer. Don’t just let the images do the talking, see what they’re about me page says. Do they present themselves as someone who genuinely cares about your wedding? Or are you seeing quite short, sharp, to the point messages which lack any information in their approach to your wedding. Once you get a sense of the tone throughout their entire website, you’ll soon understand what type of photographer they are and whether they’re right for you.
  4. Arrange a meeting or phone call
    If at all possible, arrange a meeting in person. This is a sure way of seeing whether you want this person to be with you for your entire wedding day. First impressions of course do last. Are they excited to be meeting you or is this just another day in the office for them? It follows on from my earlier point, sense the tone in how they’re speaking to you. Obviously you want clarity in exactly what you’re getting, but you want to be sold on an emotion more than just shopping list of their collections. Now it may not be exactly convenient to meet your photographer in person, both for you or them as you lead busy lives or live far away from each other. So in this case, arrange a video or phone call. It’s not the same as meeting in person but you’ll still get a good feel for their genuine interest in your wedding day.
  5. Connect on a personal level
    My last and final point, connect with your potential photographer on a personal level. Do you have something in common? maybe a hobby, maybe a dream you both share that could lead you on a 3 hour conversation – you get the point. Remember this person is going to be sharing the majority of your wedding day with you, so if there’s a clash of character, avoid it. You want to feel relaxed and happy to have this photographer with you, perhaps as if they feel like both a friend and a professional. This is crucial though, the professionalism must still be there. You want your photos to do your wedding day justice, so do be sure to search for the perfect balance.

I hope these unconventional tips help you in searching the ideal photographer for you. There is someone out there for you, who matched your personality and needs. If you’re getting married, I’d love to hear from you. You may even have a feel for what photographer I might be for you. If so, please say hello and let’s get chatting!

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