Choosing Ma Belle To Take Care of Your Makeup On Your Wedding Day

At Ma Bellé Makeover; every bride is a queen and should be treated as such on their big day. As cliché as this may sound; we take this statement incredibly seriously, and always strive to give our best to every bride who seats in our chair.

Our go-to makeup look for brides on their special day is what we like to call a “Soft Glam”. This literally means that we create a look as soft and beautiful as possible, which is usually in line with their requests, while maintaining their natural resemblance, and yet still  glamorous enough for them to stand out in a crowd of many guests (who will also be adorned in makeup on the day). This is because we wouldn’t want our brides to be outshined by their guests, regardless of how simple or natural-looking their makeup is.

We use some of the best makeup brands in the market ranging from Nars to Lancôme; Fenty Beauty amongst many others. We always make sure that these makeup products are regularly sanitised and ensure to use mostly single-use makeup tools and products, in order to avoid any forms of cross contamination.

A non-typical day (non-typical because every bride’s special day is beyond typical) for us on a bride’s big day would be us arriving at least 30mins before our scheduled arrival time. This ensures that the bride uses our presence to hurry whatever they are doing up so that the mutually-agreed start time is not eaten into. During this time, we also ensure our bride eats something to keep them going through the day because we wouldn’t want the butterflies in their tummy fluttering around hungrily. 

We set up our makeup tools in a convenient enough workspace, free from distractions and wait for the bride to sit pretty in our makeover chair, where all the magic takes place. We love a good ambience and think every bride needs a good one too, as this could help set her a serene mood for the rest of the day. We share some lovely moments with her, and engage in some light conversations; depending on how much or little they’d like to share with us. Sometimes the brides will have us play some lovely music suitable to their preferences. These, amongst many others, are things every bride often appreciates, towards creating a memorable wedding day.  

Once the mood & ambience is set; we begin with the makeup process and sometimes carry brides along most of our steps (if they wish to know this). The makeup process is usually between an hour to an hour and a half. 

Our most anticipated time of the whole process is the grand “Ma Belle Makeover Reveal Moment”. This is the part we give the bride a mirror to soak in their whole finished makeup look. This part often gets so emotional for us, as we get to see our brides’ undiluted joy and elation of how beautiful they look. Some brides get a little more emotional than others, and need to shed a little tears of joy, but we really don’t want that so we snap them back to reality to avoid any makeup ruins! (jokes)

Makeup done; hair done and it’s into that beautiful dress they go. We love when we get involved in dressing our brides up; lacing up their dresses; strapping or slipping on those beautiful Cinderella shoes and even giving them a spritz or two of their favourite perfume. With all these done and the bride ready; off to get married they go; well not before we’ve equipped them with those “Can’t Do Without“ essentials; a small packet of failproof pocket tissues!

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