Q&A with Wedding Photographer, Tara

Today, we are chatting to Wedding Photographer & Stylist, Tara who tells us what inspired her to become a photographer and details her natural, reportage, creative style.

  1. What inspired you to work in photography? 
    My grandfather bought me my first camera at 11. He use to take me out and show me how there was an amazing photo opportunity,  wherever we go in this world. 
  1. How long have you been working in photography?
    I shot my first wedding in 1999! 
  1. Is your background/ qualifications photography or is this a new venture?
    My grandfather did photography, so I learnt from the best at a young age. Since then I went to college and learnt dark room techniques in the early 90’s and three years ago qualified as a professional photo stylist. 
  1. What do you love about weddings?
    This is an easy one! Each bride and groom have something unique and I love that I am able to capture that and give them timeless memories to last a lifetime. 
  2. What is your style of photography? Natural/ staged?
    Definitely a natural reportage journalistic type of girl with a LOT of creativity thrown in. 
  1. What are your regular working hours when working on a wedding? Do you arrive in the morning and leave after the ceremony or do you stay on for the entire evening?
    So there’s always two photographers and we arrive 1.45 minutes before the ceremony. One of us photographs the groomsmen and the other stays with the bride. We then stay until after the first dance. 
  1. Do Brides ask to see some images on the day?
    No, this isn’t something we get asked. However  I always send the bride and groom one image of just the two of them at the end of the day. Personally I think it’s a lovely gesture and it’s something that’s always a hit! 
  1. Do you work with a team or is it a one man band?
    I have photographed many weddings both in the UK and overseas alone. However more often than not it’s two of us! It’s very beneficial having two photographers for the sheer fact you bounce off each others creativity and some magical moments are captured from different angles. 
  1. Do you offer videography services?
    I don’t offer a video service, but there are definitely a few I’ve worked with in the past I always recommend. 
  1. Can you summarise your style of photography in 3 words 
    Natural, creative and definitely unique. 

    Thank you so much for taking the time to talk to us today and we hope lots of engaged couples book with you.

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