Q&A with Bride, Sammy

Today, we are chatting to Wife, Sammy who touches upon a personal and sensitive issue of being diagnosed with cancer. She tells us that her partner was her absolute rock and how she knew she had found her forever person. Lets read all about her beautiful love story…

1. Where did you meet your partner?
Online on POF

2. How long had you been together before you became engaged?
2 years 5 months, almost 6 years by the time we got married.

3. Can you remember an exact point when you looked at your partner and thought “he’s the one!”
I felt it probably after a few months. But 1 year in to our relationship I was diagnosed with cancer and he was my absolute rock it was at this point it was definitely confirmed and I knew I’d found my forever person.

4. Where and how did the proposal take place? Was it expected or a complete shock?
It was a shock. On Christmas day at his mums. We had flown back from Egypt on Christmas Eve and I said for him to not do Christmas presents because we had a holiday and we were already talking about booking to go to Mexico. He had got me quite a few presents and made me open them one by one in front of his whole family. (Which I find embarrassing and hate doing). The last present was a scroll message inside a glass bottle with sand shells in. I instantly thought that he had booked Mexico. But I pulled out a scroll which had a cute message about us and about our relationship being stronger then ever- which I had started blundering reading almost straight away. It ended with: “So what do you say? Yay or nay?” I looked up and he was on one knee asking me to marry him, holding my beautiful ring. Everyone cheered and cried and I managed to say “yes” through the tears. It was such a special moment and an amazing feeling.

5. What does marriage mean to you?
It means everything to me. Commitment, stability, support, friendship, love, romance and respect. It’s a promise to always stand by each other what ever challenges you may face and love each other endlessly.

6. Did you both have the opportunity to meet each other’s families before the engagement?
Yes. My Husband also went the day before he proposed to my Dads house to ask permission.

7. Have you always had a set idea of how you’d like your wedding day or are you open to ideas?
Yes since before I even met James. I’m a bit wedding obsessed.

8. Are you planning a small intimate ceremony or a large wedding?
We had a large-ish ceremony approx 80 day guests and in total 120 evening guests.

9. Have you enjoyed wedding planning so far? What’s been the most enjoyable part? What’s been the most stressful part?
I loved every moment of it and love every thing to do with weddings. I loved the DIY aspect and the buying gifts, arranging surprises and meeting suppliers, tasting cake of course and going to wedding fayres. The guest list was a bit of a nightmare and chasing up RSVPs and menu choices, the last minute adjustments to the table plan was quite stressful.

10. What are your future plans together?
Definitely children and holidays. Just continuing to build our future bigger and better together.

Thank you for taking the time to speak with us today and we wish you all the happiness and health in the world!

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