Q&A with Bride-to-be, Ellie

Today, we are chatting to Bride-to-be, Ellie and she tells us how shes planning a Autumnal Wedding Day and how shes had lots of enjoyment from browsing wedding fayres!

1. Where did you meet your partner?
Jake and I met at college together where we remained friends for 2 years. After college things changed and we decided to give it ago. 7 years later we are super happy and planning our big day!

2. How long had you been together before you became engaged?
4 years… that’s 4 years of nagging!

3. Can you remember an exact point when you looked at your partner and thought “he’s the one!”
Oh gosh… no specific point to be honest. He was my rock and I needed him! Still do.

4. Where and how did the proposal take place? Was it expected or a complete shock?
Why propose at the top of the rock when you can propose at the bottom! New York at Christmas near the rockafella Christmas tree was totally expecting it on the holiday but don’t tell Jake that.

5. What does marriage mean to you?
We’ve been living together for 5 years now so it feels like our next natural step. It’s just another part of our adventure.

6. Did you both have the opportunity to meet each other’s families before the engagement?
Totally! Jakes sister and I became friends before we even started dating. We have a mutual love of teasing Jake.

7. Have you always had a set idea of how you’d like your wedding day or are you open to ideas?
Nope! Didn’t have a clue. I knew I wanted an Autumn wedding but beyond that had no other ideas.

8. Are you planning a small intimate ceremony or a large wedding?
If ‘Rona decides to hurry up and leave, a larger wedding. Friends and close family in the day to keep numbers low with a big party in the evening with Pizza!9.

9. Have you enjoyed wedding planning so far? What’s been the most enjoyable part? What’s been the most stressful part?
Yes, to be honest the wedding fairs are great fun and make an easy day out. I have met some great suppliers along the way and one of them comes with their own bridal community!

The most stressful part has to be Pinterest… although it is brilliant for finding inspiration, it can be SO overwhelming. There are so many different options/styles/themes that it can be hard to bring what you see together.

10. What are your future plans together?
Apart from the usual move house and get a dog (<< working on Jake for this one), we do not plan on changing anything ☺️ it’s business as usual for us!

Random extra…. whenever Jake refers to our wedding, he always adds an extra Y prior to make it ready (Y)our wedding

Thank you for taking the time to chat with us today! Your Autumnal wedding will be beautiful and we can’t wait to see the stunning pictures of your special day! Lots of love

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