How to incorporate elegant calligraphy into your wedding day

If you come across a romantic letter or poem, it is highly likely that it is handwritten in a beautiful script. Your wedding day will be filled with love and romance and so adding calligraphy to your wedding will make the day feel even more romantic.

The great thing about calligraphy is that the elegant lettering can be written on any material. Whatever wedding theme you decide, calligraphy will effortlessly represent your style and give a consistent and elegant look throughout your day.

On the day wedding stationery is normally created around one material, giving a consistent look to your wedding décor. Popular materials are wood, acrylic and mirror.

To inspire you, I am sharing five ideas on how to incorporate calligraphy into your wedding day:

  1. Welcome sign

Have your guests feel excited and look forward to the day by welcoming them with a beautiful personalised sign. It is the first glimpse of what the rest of your wedding day will look like for them.

  1. Order of the day

Keep your guests informed with one large statement sign that displays your day’s timings. Guests are always keen to know when it is time to eat or dance!

  1. Table plan

Having your guests’ names handwritten will certainly catch their eye and make the day even more memorable for them.

  1. Table numbers/names

Table numbers/names adds elegance to your reception tables and easily blends with all centrepiece styles.

  1. Place cards

Place cards are the most diverse stationery. They can be created from any material and can even double up as the wedding favours.

The above listed is available with RKM Calligraphy. I offer a free consultation giving us the opportunity to discuss your wedding ideas and how I can add calligraphy to your special day.

Visit for more inspiration or you can contact me directly at to start bringing your ideas to life.

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