Do you struggle with unwelcome frizzy hair?

Through years of experience with various products I have found a serum by Paul Mitchell that I always go for to help me tame flyaways. It is called Super skinny serum and it has never let me down, it smooths the hair and forms a protective barrier against humidity. It’s lightweight so it can be applied to wet hair before drying and again for styling out when the hair is dry. I then use Osis hairspray by Schwarzkopf to finish, the numbers vary in strength depending on how much hold I require.

But of course everything has its limits and if your hair is super frizzy and needs more than just a serum, then you more than likely require a Keratin blow dry treatment for your hair.

The instant benefit of this service is your hair is smooth for up to 4 months and as a direct result of this you will massively reduce the amount of heat needed to control your locks. This in turn reduces damage and subsequent frizz caused by dry ends. Thus the circle of dry frizzy hair needing heat for control is broken…Bring on shiney, enviously smooth hair!

Based in Southampton there are myself and 2 other stylists who work with me, trained and ready to do Keratin blow dries (as soon as lockdown is over!)

The benefits of having this service before your wedding is your hair will be in much better condition for it and in turn will give you much more scope with regards to choice of hairstyles on your big day. As an added bonus your hair will look healthier and shinier too.

Get in touch with Christiana if you’d like a blowdry

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