Q&A with Hair Stylist, Christiana

1. What inspired you to become a Hair stylist/ how long have you been in the profession?

From an early age I have been creative, and this really started to take off with hair design probably from my teens when I was always playing with hair! 

I actually did my first haircut when I was about 4…like I’m sure many others can relate to it was on myself and I lopped off my fridge to about an inch long!

I have been hairdressing for 16 years and made my focus on bridal hair about 8 years ago.

2. What is your favourite Bridal Hairstyle look? (there might be a few!)

Ooohh good question! I do love a classic chignon but I also love some of the modern braided styles like a boho half up half down with infinity and dutch braids. Its so hard to choose! I have no idea what i would have if I got married! I have tried so  many styles on my own hair and I love them all! I guess the dress helps narrow this down as it can heavily influence your style.

3. Do you work with a team on the day?

I do have a few assistants who can come with me for large bridal parties, but if there is a small bridal party and a later wedding I tend to go alone as its not always necessary to have an assistant.

4. What’s been the most exciting wedding you’ve worked on and why? I’m sure all weddings are fun to work on but is there 1 particular day that stood out?

As you say weddings are generally such a fantastic aspect to my job. Everyone is in such good spirits, it can be emotional too (in a good way!) 

One wedding that stands out was the day Megan Markle and Prince Harry got married. The bridal party I was working with had the Royal wedding playing on the tv which was quite surreal to be preparing one bridal party and watching the preparations of another wedding on the TV! One bridesmaid even said ‘I betcha Megan isn’t watching us getting ready on TV!!!’ 

5. What professional hair care advice would you give Brides watching this?

I would say, keep up with regular trims and hair treatments as a given. But also consider chemical treatments… With regards to hair colour if you are the type to have wild hair colours and will continue to for years to come then yes go for that rainbow hair colour, but if not then its really hard to strip those colours in a hurry out without compromising your hair. Also if you have frizzy flyaway hair a keratin blow dry is a great way to get your hair under control and ensure that if your wedding day is humid your hair isn’t going to fluff up on you!

6. Do you have a lot of different hair accessories that Brides can try out during consultation? I’m guessing they need to go away and purchase these or do you offer any pieces for sale?

I work with an amazing designer called Sarah and her brand is called Ivy and I. She makes the most stunning accessories using high quality materials including swarovski crystals.

I have a set of samples from Ivy and I ranging from pins and slides to vines, tiaras and I even have a crown!  I can bring these to a trial with me so the bride can see what looks good with the hairstyle she has chosen and then she can have her own unique piece made just for her, which I also love because then the bride has a say in materials and size as the design can be tweaked as they are all hand made here in the UK by Sarah herself.

7. Is there a maximum amount of people (bride tribe) you feel you can work on, on one day? Of course, quality over quantity, right?

Yes this all depends on what time the ceremony is and how many assistants I’m able to secure on the day. The possibilities with that are endless, just so long as I’m supplied with caffeine I can work quite quickly and efficiently! I think the biggest bride tribe to date was 5 flower girls, 8 bridesmaids, bride and her mum so 15 in total! It was an early start and the wedding wasn’t until mid afternoon and that was back when I worked solo, so with good time management and communication then me and the team can fit in quite large bridal parties!

8. Do you offer consultations with the entire Bride Tribe and flower-girls ahead of the wedding day or just the Bride? I can imagine a lot of Brides may want you to assess all the hair types of their bride tribe.

I tend to do a trial for just the bride but can do trials for anyone else who is having their hair done on the day. If I do just do the bride’s trial then I will discuss the rest of the bride tribe’s hair with her and generally try to build an idea of what their hair type is and what sort of style they will want on the day. This is to ensure the timings have been correctly allocated. 

But I do now offer hair trials along with pamper sessions, so if the bride wants to bring her tribe along to this then they can have some lovely pamper treatments and be involved with the bride having her hair trial too.

9. Oh great that was going to be my next question that I’ve heard that you offer Hen Party Pamper Sessions – can you tell us a little bit more about this service?

Yes, I’d love to tell you more, the Hen Party pamper sessions are such a joy. We have everything we need to carry out luxury treatments wherever the bride tribe might be whether that is at home, in a hotel or a rented holiday let, all they need is themselves and their drinks and nibbles.

I have a selection of fantastic therapists I can call upon to carry out a range of treatments including massage, nails, spray tanning, reflexology and even a quick trim or bouncy blow dry if it suits! 

I also work with the luxury product brand Temple Spa who retail exclusively in Harrods and 5* spas. As a Temple Spa consultant I provide a 2 hour complimentary facial class for up to 8 guests, during which they will all have a skin type analysis to assess what skin type they have and the best way to care for it. I will demonstrate all this whilst guiding the class through a full facial, using the products chosen specifically for their skin type. 

The sessions start at £15 per person and this includes the facial class and a mini treatment of their choice. 

10. What advice would you give to Brides watching now on the lead up to their special day…

Ooo, I would say have good communication with your bridal suppliers for the wedding morning to make a plan of action. Especially if you have a large bride squad all having professional hair and makeup done and you need to decorate the venue that morning too. 

It’s really important to have a good flow on the day so no-one is trying to get in their dress whilst the hairdresser and makeup artist still need to their bit, the bride still wants her ‘pre ceremony bride squad pictures’ but the photographer needs to leave to get to go get the groom’s getting ready pictures, the flowers have just turned up and the venue still isn’t finished…if you get my drift it can all get a bit hectic if there isn’t a plan in place even if its a loose outline it really does help.CC

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