Q&A with Bride-to-be, Rebecca

Today, we are chatting to lovely Rebecca from the USA and find out how she got together with her partner on Facebook and find out all their future plans together.

1. Where did you meet your partner? 
We actually went to the same high school for two years together, so I knew him before we started dating. In high school we were friends with different groups of people, so we weren’t friends or anything before, but I did know him from seeing him at school and a few times at parties. I moved back to Kentucky after living in Florida for two years and commented on a post that he made on Facebook and ended up sending him a message- that night we decided to hang out and have been inseparable ever since.

2. How long had you been together before you became engaged? 
We were together only 7 months when we got engaged! Us both being older (I turn 30 in two weeks) I feel like we were more settled in making that commitment and when you know it’s right, you know! I had always been told this when dating while I was younger but never thought it would actually be a thing until I met my fiancé.

3. Can you remember an exact point when you looked at your partner and thought “he’s the one!”
I feel like there were a lot of moments early on that I felt like he was the one. I was instantly comfortable with him and everything about our relationship was so easy and smooth, like nothing I had ever experienced before. I know there were many times I would be driving home from his house late at night (he lived about 45 minutes away) and I would instantly miss his company and he was all I could think about.

4. Where and how did the proposal take place? Was it expected or a complete shock?
The proposal took place on my front porch! He came to my house from working all day and walked in with a HUGE bouquet of flowers. That same morning, I had passed my national interpreter certification test and I thought that was what we were celebrating. It’s funny because throughout the day he kept texting me to “go get your nails done,” “go buy a new outfit” things of that sort… which ended up making me upset and cry half the day because I thought he was trying to say I had been looking like a bum and was trying to tell me I needed new clothes so when he walked in with the flowers I was already crying and upset so he quickly said ‘okay I’m taking the dogs for a walk…” He opened up the front door after walking the dogs and yelled in that something was wrong with my dog Hannah so I got off the couch (in my hoodie and no shoes) to go outside to the porch and there he was on one knee with a little bag around hannahs neck.I couldn’t even comprehend what he was saying because I instantly started crying, and then of course realized that the only reason he told me to get my nails done was because I had told him in the past to never propose if my nails aren’t done! The fact that he included my dog and kept it intimate was absolutely perfect and I couldn’t have asked for a better proposal.

5. What does marriage mean to you?
Marriage is a commitment between two people to experience life together, push each other to do better and support each other through all of the ups and downs. Life is constantly changing, and it is important to find someone that you can change with and that will be there with you through every “life change.” Of course, nothing in life is perfect so it’s about choosing to see the good even with the bad. Luckily we both take marriage very seriously and do not think it’s something that we just “need to do,” it is something that we WANT to do.

6. Did you both have the opportunity to meet each other’s families before the engagement?
We did! I met his family pretty early on, they are all super easy going so it wasn’t anything stressful for us. He had also met my parents beforehand and had helped my dad quite a bit building chicken cage for him. He actually managed to sneak a video of the two of them out in the barn working on the cages and him asking my dad for his blessings in proposing to me.

7. Have you always had a set idea of how you’d like your wedding day or are you open to ideas?
I honestly had NO idea how I would want my wedding day. I was never the girl dreaming of her wedding day so it can be overwhelming to me at times with all the decisions that have to be made. I am very open to ideas which I think makes it more fun- I’m not set on certain things and overall just want to have a beautiful day and want my family and friends to enjoy themselves.

8. Are you planning a small intimate ceremony or a large wedding? 
We are going to have around 150-200 guests, nothing too massive but we wanted to include all of our family and friends in our special day. It won’t be a small wedding by any means, but it won’t feel overwhelming at all- the perfect happy medium.

9. Have you enjoyed wedding planning so far? What’s been the most enjoyable part? What’s been the most stressful part?
I have enjoyed it! It has been a bit stressful in locking down a venue and date with COVID-19 changing so many wedding plans for brides this year. Luckily, we had planned for summer 2021 but that still put pressure on us to go ahead and get locked down on a venue since they are all going so fast with other weddings having to reschedule. The most stressful part so far was when we thought we had our date and the venue locked down, they went to put in our deposit and realized another wedding was booked for that date. That caused some stress in picking another date (without many options) and debating about other venues but we ultimately chose to stay with the same venue and just pick a different date.

10. What are your future plans together?
We plan to travel as much as we can, we both love traveling and really value those experiences and memories we can make together. We do plan on having kids, but it will be a few years since I am finishing up school with two years left in my doctoral program. Once I get my PhD we will probably have to move for a job and then will slowly start working on building our family.

Thank you so much for taking the time to speak with us today, its been lovely reading about how you met and how he proposed. We wish you all the best in the future.

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