A few do’s and don’ts on and prior to your wedding day recommended by a wedding hair specialist

Do’s and Don’ts!

On the run up to the wedding

  • Have regular trims and do hair conditioning treatments, avoid using too much heat. Frazzled hair is harder to work with, and you don’t want to have to have it all chopped to close to the big day
  • Keep up with your colour bookings, roots are something you don’t want to be worrying about!
  • Consider adding in some subtle highlights, these give depth and dimension to so many styles

On the day 

  • wear a loose top or something that buttons up so you don’t have to take it over your head after your hair and makeup has been done
  • Keep hydrated and remember to have something to eat so you can brush your teeth before your makeup/lipstick is done. 


  • Go for a drastic colour change if you aren’t usually the type to have crazy colours in your hair. These pictures will stay with you for a long time so something on trend like rainbow hair probably won’t be in 10 years time!
  • Try not to change your mind for hairstyles on the day. If you decide you’d rather up than down and you didn’t try it in the trial then let your stylist know, you might need another trial. The timings could be different too.
  • Don’t try hair extensions for the first time on your wedding day, give them a few trial runs for the whole day, see if you find them comfortable, clip ins are great for this and much more cost effective.
  • Don’t get synthetic hair extensions, make sure they are 100% human hair and even then be careful where you purchase them. Fake hair doesn’t sit as well as human hair, it can be heavy and doesn’t always blend with your hair as naturally, it can also be hard to curl and can melt under high heat like straighteners or tongs

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