Stewart O’Sullivan – Independent Celebrant

How stunning is this couple and the outdoor, boho tipi setting. The love and joyful atmosphere can be seen from a mile away.

Choosing an independent celebrant to conduct your ceremony adds that personal touch.. that ‘je ne sais quoi’. Stewart provides that uplifting, ‘feel good’ vibe and as you can see by his hand gesture on the groom, he really calms them nerves. Stewart will be with you every step of the way – joining the pair of you together into married life in the most special, unique way.

This beautiful ceremony was held on the grounds of the brides parents house in the tranquil Surrey countryside! The grooms family were from Senegal – so Stewart learnt French so he could welcome them all in their own language – they were very impressed and that is the kind of personalised service you get with a celebrant!

They had a hand-fasting which included all of their nearest and dearest friends! Each of them brought a different coloured ribbon that reflected their relationship. Those ribbons were later tied into the brides bouquet! They had live singers who were amazing….oh and the bride didn’t walk ‘down the aisle’ she walked ‘around the spiral’ so that she got to walk past ALL of her guests as she arrived! What a great idea!

Did you know that Stewart is a listed supplier on the directory? To find his contact info, visit his listing here:

Supplier Love
Celebrant @stewart_the_celebrant
Photographer @momentscatchers

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