Q&A with Bride-to-be, Sarah

Today, we are talking to the lovely Bride-to-be, Sarah who tells us about her recent engagement to her partner of 4 years and how her fiance got down on one knee in their new home.

1. Where did you meet your partner?
I knew him from college but we reconnected online just as I was finishing my final year

2. How long had you been together before you became engaged?
We had been together 4 years before getting engaged and had just bought our first house together! So many exciting things happened in a couple of months

3. Can you remember an exact point when you looked at your partner and thought “he’s the one!”
I actually can’t… I don’t think it was one thing he did which gave me that “ah ha!” moment, I think it was a collection of little things.

4. Where and how did the proposal take place? Was it expected or a complete shock?
He proposed to me in our first home we had just bought, in our bedroom. He had a massive teddy on the bed with a pin board that spelt out “will you marry me?” and there he was on one knee. It was kind of expected only because a close friend of mine predicted it earlier that day when my other half asked me if we had any plans that weekend and when I said no he replied “oh good, don’t book anything, I’ve got a present for you” – who does that?

5. What does marriage mean to you?
To me marriage means a best friend for life, someone who is always there to celebrate your good days and pick you up after your bad days. Standing by each other no matter what.

6. Did you both have the opportunity to meet each other’s families before the engagement?
Yes we met each other’s families before the engagement. He had lived with my family so we could save up to buy a house. His family live in Portugal so we go out there a couple of times a year to spend time with them

7. Have you always had a set idea of how you’d like your wedding day or are you open to ideas?
I always thought I knew what I wanted, when I was younger I had a book of “my dream wedding” and then I met my other half and our dream wedding is wildly different to what I thought I wanted. It’s the perfect mix of us.

8. Are you planning a small intimate ceremony or a large wedding?
We’re having a small ceremony of 40 family and friends and then a larger party in the evening.

9. Have you enjoyed wedding planning so far? What’s been the most enjoyable part? What’s been the most stressful part?
I’m a Project Manager so organisation comes naturally to me, I have really enjoyed wedding planning because we’re so in sync, we haven’t had to compromise on anything. So far it’s been smooth sailing. I really loved going dress shopping with my bridal party, my bridesmaids are such a laugh and it was a beautiful day

10. What are your future plans together?
We’re already getting the “you’ll be having kids soon” comments. But we’ve just got a puppy so he is very much our child at the moment! For the future, we just want to focus on us. Enjoy our time, perhaps travel a little bit and we’d like to move house.

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