Bronze Listing Package

Bronze Listing Package

Subscribe to our Bronze listing package and benefit from a range of different features aimed at promoting your product or service and helping your business achieve its full potential.

What is included with Bronze?

Our DMW Bronze membership gives you a dedicated listing spot on our directory, you will be able to create a business bio (100  words) and include a link directly to your own business website, along with your own Facebook page. This is your opportunity to ‘sell’ yourself, reaching out to our network of over 7K followers and get yourself seen!

As standard, we ensure that your business is listed on our advanced location filtering tool. This enables Brides-to-be to select chosen suppliers within their area by simply using our location and search bar facility. This has proven to be a really effective tool for directing clients to relevant suppliers based on their location.

As a Bronze member, your business will be showcased as part of our frequent blog posts in conjunction with other similar businesses. (Our in house Journalist will write a minimum of 3 blogs per year).

In addition to this, you may send 2 articles per year to be approved and scheduled onto the blog.

Benefits Summary:

  • 100 word Business Bio
  • Images (x5)
  • Website Link
  • Facebook Link
  • Location finder search functionality (listed under 1 category)
  • 3x Blog posts (in conjunction with other businesses)
  • 2 Blog posts to be sent to Amy
£10.00 (tax)
Total: £60.00

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