Bronze Package

Subscribe to our Bronze listing package and benefit from a range of different features aimed at promoting your product or service and helping your business achieve its full potential.

Benefits Summary:

Business Description
Location finder search functionality (listed under 1 category)
5 images
Website Link
Youtube Link
Twitter Link
Special Offers
Blog posts welcome

What is included with Bronze?

Our DMW Bronze Membership allows you a dedicated spot on our directory. You will be able to write a business description and include a link directly to your website, along with your Twitter/ Youtube link. This is your opportunity to ‘sell’ yourself, reaching out to our network of followers and get yourself seen!

As standard, we ensure that every business is listed on our Advanced, Filtering, Location tool which enables brides to search for suppliers local to them.

As a Bronze Member, you are welcome to submit your own blog posts, promoting your product or service and we will happily feature it on the blog and across our social channels.